Ann-Michelle Van Eepoel

I'm an administrative professional with a Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies and a passion for conservation of natural settings. I was the secretary and founding member of my high school's Environmental Club.

Chickens Start to Finish!

Have you ever wanted to own chickens but had no idea how to get started? There is so much information on the Internet today regarding chicken ownership, and you probably have many unanswered questions. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring blog posts from Megan Fish – one of our members who has been around chickens and duck all her life. Through this series, we’ll take you from purchasing your baby chicks all the way through the chicken’s end of life process. Raising your own chickens is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint by not eating eggs and meat that have been transported from somewhere else. Chickens also eat bugs, making your yard a more enjoyable place to hang out.

Here’s Megan’s introduction:

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