Part of the vision of the Piedmont Center for Sustainability is to create a living, breathing example of how people can live and work together within a sustainable community. Our goal is to build a community that is able to become more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable over time.

We will provide residential space for members of our community who wish to live close to the land within an intentional living environment. We will offer multiple styles of community living, including land holding, co-housing, work exchange, etc. These communities will also serve as educational opportunities for the wider public – demonstrating living models of alternative community building. Each community element will focus on fully utilizing sustainable living and ethical decision-making practices.

We are united by shared ecological, social-economic and cultural-spiritual values and seek alternatives to ecologically destructive electrical, water, transportation, and waste-treatment systems, as well as the larger social systems that mirror and support them. In our pursuit of a richer, more fulfilling life, we seek to build a community that avoids wasteful consumerist lifestyles and the destruction of natural habitats.