Event Venue

We will develop the property in a way that promotes the rental of space, cabins and other buildings for events such as camps, retreats, fundraisers, shows, festivals, weddings and other events. Organizations wishing to rent the space must follow or guidelines for making the event more sustainable. They will also have access to use the food grown on site, to our educators and to other resources we will make available. The purpose of space rental is to demonstrate that large events can indeed happen in a sustainable way.

Offering space for events will build exposure for the Center. Wedding parties would be welcome to rent cabins on the property, as well as take portraits in a natural setting. The dining hall and other buildings could be made available for smaller events lasting approximately 2-6 hours, such as banquets and reunions. Local instructors and professionals could pay a few dollars per participant to use the dining hall for 1-2 hours at a time, during which they may teach classes or host speakers.